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Sites that discuss the Three Doors Puzzle, Marilyn Vos Savant, logic puzzles, statistics, and anything else caught up in my tattered old net.


There are no newsgroups devoted to just this puzzle, but there are newsgroups for logic puzzles, mind teasers, and high-IQ stuff in general.

Books and Articles and Other Stuff on Probability, Logic, Games, Philosophy of Mathematics and Related Topics

Advanced Mathematics

There are some difficult physics problems involving scattering and quantum mechanics in which one can't just assume all possibilities are equally likely. One must make the right choice of classifying the possibilites (of, for example, the trajectory of an electron) in a way that each is equally likely, or even better, classify the possibilities in ways that are mathematically conventient and assign the correct probabilities to each. To describe this in any detail goes way beyond the scope of this site, but if you are interested, some advanced books to read are: If you have access to a university library, or are searching on the WWW, the best search term is "conditional probabilities". Mastery of conditional probabilities is vital in all analytical sciences. You can't get far in quantum theory without it.


Mensa is the international high-IQ society where eggheads of all types gather for fun, discussion and variety. Most of them are not the bespectacled chrome-dome slide-rule types that some people imagine. For example, I don't wear glasses, myself. But I love my trusty old slide rule... never needs batteries... this crosshair slides along so smoothly... ahhh...wooden mathematical perfection... Anyway, Mensans include lawyers, pschologists, postal workers, writers, artists and much more.

They also have a web site, and many of their local chapters have sites, too.

A common misconception is that Mensa is full of intellectual snobs. This is not so. Well, there are a few, of course. But most of us Mensans are just too good to be snobs!

In fact, many of us are quite modest about ourselves. People say I'm very modest. One year, someone talked me into entering a modesty contest. I was surprised - I won Second Prize! Of course, blushing modestly, I turned it down. So they gave me First Prize!

This, and many more kinds of clever humor, available at your local Mensa chapter!

Another high-IQ society is Intertel. I couldn't find a web site, but then I didn't look very hard. Hey, I'm a Mensan.


If, after reading all that, you're STILL confused, you may be wondering Just How Much Do We Really Know?
or perhaps you'd enjoy a visit to the First Church for the Easily Amused.
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